Back for good...

Mit Ole Kleinfelder zurück im Studio. Diesmal proben für ein Mini-Release-Konzert als Videofeed via Facebook Live. Mehr in Kürze...

Back at Studio18 with Ole Kleinfelder. This time rehearsing for a Mini-Release-Concert-Videofeed on Facebook Live. More soon...


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posted by Flo Maiberger | 20 November 2016 | 02:02 MEZ


Flo Maiberger

I'm a musician, composer & producer from germany living in Gelnhausen, near Frankfurt (M).

Studied jazz and popular music at FMW, Frankfurt and graduated in 2009.
I play and work in and for different music groups, projects and bands with many different styles and genres as guitarrist, drummer, composer & producer.

As I'm currently abstinent to the stage and live performances because of health reasons, I mainly work as producer for different music projects and working on solo stuff in my own studio. I also compose, arrange, programm and track music and scores for video ads and short movies.


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