I decided to clean up my guitar collection and after parting with some pieces I received a new acoustic today. It's a triple 0, built by Martin Guitars in Nazareth, PA, USA. I have dreamt of a triple 0 for a long time, but it never fit my wallet.

This is a 000R28-V by Sigma Guitars, which are the official clone of Martin Guitars. I'm pretty impressed by the sound, especially in relation to the price.


posted by Flo Maiberger | 28 Dezember 2013 | 15:47 MEZ

Fender 60s Sunburst-Strat Reissue


posted by Flo Maiberger | 21 Dezember 2013 | 12:18 MEZ

Lap Steel Guitar

As some of you know I've started playing Slide Guitar. I was always fascinated by the sound a slide of metal or glass produces when put over the strings.

In the past I played slide guitar on some tracks, but mostly just for fun, to emphasize a ironic cliché country-esk tone.

I'm currently workin' on a little score for a new 3-minute-shortfilm of my girl that was shot this summer that is planned to be released in the beginning of 2014. I've chosen a folky vibe for the song with elements of a little country-guitar. So perfect for some lap steel-action.

To take it seriously I bought a so called "nut converter". This extender raises the strings, which is necessary for playing with a steel bar without producing bad noise when sliding over the strings. I installed it on an old tele and started improving my sliding skills, I've gotta long way to go fellas!

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posted by Flo Maiberger | 20 Dezember 2013 | 17:19 MEZ

Sneak Peek of "Pure Nature"

I'm not happy with showing an in-progress, yet unfinished track, but you guys wanted a sneak peek. So here it is:

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posted by Flo Maiberger | 07 Dezember 2013 | 11:58 MEZ

Tracking guitar in bedroom

5 guitars later I've found the sound I was looking for ...


posted by Flo Maiberger | 06 Dezember 2013 | 18:34 MEZ

Little Mucous Bag

My buddy Martin Grebenstein from Darmstadt, with whom I studied at FMW, plays his piece "Little Mucous Bag" on a Taylor Baritone Guitar. Enjoy!


posted by Flo Maiberger | 02 Dezember 2013 | 16:04 MEZ

Little Martin Guitar

Recently got this small Martin LX1E guitar, actually for traveling. Yesterday I was tracking with it for the first time. The Little Martin has an amazing, present ton coming out of this mini-body! Sounds fantastic!


posted by Flo Maiberger | 01 Dezember 2013 | 15:49 MEZ


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As I'm currently abstinent to the stage and live performances because of health reasons, I mainly work as producer for different music projects and working on solo stuff in my own studio. I also compose, arrange, programm and track music and scores for video ads and short movies.


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